Public procurement and administrative law

The Firm offers a wide range of judicial and extrajudicial consultancy in the field of administrative law. The professionals have gained experience in assisting public bodies, subsidiaries and private companies with particular reference to:

Contracts for works and services

Consultancy in the field of works and services contracts, with legal assistance in the planning of public works, in the drafting of guidelines and in the adoption of management measures of the public administration; assistance to entities and companies in tenders for the choice of the contractor, in the drafting of contracts and specifications, in the execution of contracts, with particular regard to the management of contractual relations, support in resolving issues related to the non-performance of the parties to settle disputes in order to reduce litigation.

Urban planning, construction and environment

Assistance and advice in favor of local public bodies in urban planning procedures, in the preparation of interventions of urban regeneration and redevelopment; in procedures related to public and private construction, with particular reference to the issuance of permits and the activities of supervision and protection of the territory; in the expropriation procedures for the construction of works of public utility. Judicial and extrajudicial legal assistance in the field of environmental law and protection of cultural and landscape heritage, with particular regard to the procedures of EIA, SEA and AIA provided for in the Environmental Code, relations with the Superintendencies for the protection of landscape and archaeological heritage.

Public companies

Consultancy in the field of in-house providing in the local public services sector and procedures for the choice of private partners in public companies; assistance in favor of public bodies and trade associations of national importance in the field of public and privatized labor law, in relation to the definition of trade contracts and the litigation phase; assistance in procedures for the provision of public funding.

Administrative and accounting responsibility

Assistance and defense in favor of institutions, administrators and public employees in judgments of responsibility for fiscal damage, as well as assistance of institutions and public employees in judgments of account and pension. The firm provides assistance both in the preliminary phase of investigations before the Public Prosecutor’s Office or in the control phase, and in the purely procedural phase before the Jurisdictional Sections of the Court of Auditors.