10 July 2022


State and Enterprise. Legal Issues in the Global Market. New book coedited by Prof. avv. Federico Pernazza

6 April 2021


Organizational models for responding to business crisis and ensuring business continuity

Responding to business crisis situations, now more frequent since the impact on the economy and markets of the COVID19 pandemic, requires effective organizational models that ensure compliance with re…

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11 December 2020


Rectification of a property’s cadastral classification: protection of the taxpayer against the Internal Revenue Service – 2020 Supreme Court 28134

The firm assisted a client in litigation concerning an irregular reclassification of the cadastral rent of a property, which had resulted in an increase in the taxes claimed on the same. The client wa…

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25 September 2020


Tax debts and transfer of business branch – Rome Tribunal No. 10716 of 2019

In the case of business branch transfer, the acquiring company’s joint and several liability for the transferor company’s tax debts (see Article 2560 of the Civil Code) may be limited if the notarial…

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14 September 2020


Forfeiture of state-owned concession – Lazio Regional Administrative Court No. 7591 of 02.07.2020

The Firm successfully assisted a local authority in a case concerning the forfeiture of a concessionaire of the state maritime domain. During the litigation, which had been protracted over time and de…

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2 September 2020


Traceability of agri-food products

In the volume “Food and Law. A Comparative Perspective,” published by RomaTrE-Press, there is a contribution by our professionals lawyer Prof. Federico Pernazza and Dr. Pier Paolo Picarelli, entitled…

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24 February 2020


Treaty on the Consolidated Law on Financial Intermediation (TUF), Legislative Decree 58/1998

The two-volume treatise “Il Testo Unico finanziario” published by Zanichelli, edited by Mario Cera and Gaetano Presti, has been published. Among the contributions featured are, in the first volume, “T…

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15 February 2020


If the bid is not cost-effective, the contracting station may not proceed to award a public procurement contract

ANAC in Resolution No. 79 of January 29, 2020 clarified that the option not to award a tender responds to an immanent assessment of the current public interest on the part of the contracting authority…

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12 February 2020


“Decreto Milleproroghe” suspended until June 30, 2020 the payment of fees due referring to concessions related to maritime state property appurtenances with tourist-recreational purposes and to maritime state

9 February 2020


The Supreme Court on sums that the shareholder claims from the company First Civil Section, Order No. 4261/2020

A shareholder of a corporation who demands from the company the repayment of sums by way of financing must prove the existence of a suitable relationship to substantiate his claim. Such proof cannot b…

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