State and Enterprise. Legal Issues in the Global Market. Nuovo Libro a cura di Prof. avv. Federico Pernazza

Prof. avv. Federico Pernazza is editor (with prof. Maria Rosaria Mauro) of the book «  State and Enterprise. Legal Issues in the Global Market », being published by Springer and Giappichelli

This book addresses the regulation of the State/Enterprise relationship in the frame- work of international economic context. It analyzes this relationship from the discrete perspectives of conflict, cooperation, and integration in contributions by authors rep- resenting a diverse range of legal cultures and political backgrounds.

The topic is investigated following three approaches:

• State versus Enterprise (the State which bans, restricts, or regulates the activities of Enterprises, both domestic and foreign);

• Enterprise versus State (the Enterprises, main actors of commercial, industrial or financial initiatives, which may directly or indirectly affect the legal and economic structure of the State);

• State as Enterprise and Enterprise as State (public Enterprises under political con- trol that pursue geopolitical goals, and Enterprises that rely on the political, finan- cial, and strategic support of the State for their business expansion).

Furthermore, the volume includes a special focus on the relationship State/Enterprise in non-capitalist economies (China, Russia, and Cuba).